MIL 7400 pneumatic positioner

MIL 7400 pneumatic positioners employ a force balance system to ensure that the position of the valve plug is directly proportional to the controller output signal pressure, regardless of gland friction, diaphragm actuator hysteresis or off-balance forces on the valve plug

    Technical specifications
    Structure Control
    Valve Motion Linear Motion Valve
    Model Name/Number 7400
    Material Die Cast Aluminium
    Rated Load 100 lb, 250 lb, 300 lb
    Stroke Length 1″, 2″, 6″
    Speed At Rated Load 8.4 in/min, 8.9 in/min, 16 in/min
    Duty Cycle 17%, 18%, 50%
    Retracted Length 16-3/4″, 17″, 20″

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